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POWERMAC TECHNOLOGY is a premier manufacturer of engineered products designed for diverse niche applications in the electrical, mechanical, commercial and industrial, rail and utility markets. We are specialized company in producing total solution for Lightning Protection and Grounding System(Earthing System) . Our company is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and our products compliances with all national and international standards like CPRI, etc

We are professionally managed company run by qualified and renowned technocrats having a wide exposure of Manufacturing & Executing the projects of National & International repute involving highly reputed organizations & Consultants.

The company strives for Clients satisfaction which are achieved by offering Best Quality Products at a reasonable price.

We are equipped with advance office facilities together with test equipments and excellent teams, which is composed of skilled sales personnel, experience professor, senior Engineers. For the past 5 years, our products have been widely used around the India and applied in many fields, such as Govt. sector, Multi national Companies, Public sector, Domestics & Commercial sectors Etc, Group of Companies


  • We have Our Earthing Electrodes Installation at TOP TEN Industries in India.

  • Supply the Earthing Electrodes in Huge Quantity in SOLAR Power plant.


  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Products approved from

  • Central Power Research Institute (Shot Circuit Laboratory)

  • French National Standard NF C17-102 (Korea Electro Technology Research Institute)

  • Indian Standard I.S-3043

  • IEC 60-1 : 1989 High Current Impulse Test (University of Tasmania)

Earthing Products

  • Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode

  • Chemical Earthing Electrode

  • Safe Earthing Electrode

  • GI/CU Earthing Electrode

  • Earthing Pit Cover

  • Earthing Display Board

  • PBC Compound/ Back fill Compound

  • Earthing Lamination Compound

Lightning Protection

  • E.S.E. Based Lightning Arrestor

  • Spike Lightning Arrestor

  • Copper Air terminal

  • Multi Point Lightning Air terminal

  • Spike Counter

  • Lightning transient Event Counter

  • Down Conductor