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"POWERMAC" copper bonded earth rod shall be made from high tensile low carbon Steel. Earth Rods are molecularly bonded with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.

    Perfectly Bonded rod will last longer, drive easier and will not crack.
    Corrosion resistance while providing the lowest resistance to ground.
    Threads are rolled by roll threading process, which ensures that an even copper covering is maintained, even at the roof of the thread. Roll thread gives greater strength than cut thread. Thread rolling process raises the surface of the rod, so that thread dia (T) is greater than shank dia. (S). As seen in figure: -
    Copper bond earth rods are the ideal driven earth electrodes, as they offer the installer an economical and efficient earth rod grounding system. pure electrolyte copper is uniformly molecularly bonded into a high tensile steel core to a minimum thickness thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolytic action.


    Uniform copper plating thickness.
    It has high corrosion resistance quality.
    Convenient installation and very beautiful appearance.
    Purity of the copper is 99.9%. Thus the conduct ability is very good.
    Magnetic conducting rate is low. Thus reducing the lightning induction.
    The anti-tension is for higher than that of copper cable.
    Resist corrosion better than galvanized rods allowing for a 30-year service life in most soils
    State of the art manufacturing process ensures uniform plating thickness
    Average tensile strength & Exceed the requirements

Copper Bonded Earth Rod System The Copper Bonded Earth Rod System includes certain accessories along with rod like. Driving Stud, Coupling, Rod, Clamp,