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FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) sheet is a kind of transparent natural lighting product which is successively shaped through mechanization by adopting such materials as non-soda glass fiber, reinforced polyester resin, import high-performance anti-ageing film( or gal) and addictive. The product FRP sheet is deeply welcomed by consumers. Because FRP sheet has many merits: bright and clean appearance, light weight and high performance, high light transmittance, anti-corrosive, anti-ageing, fireproofing, accurate cross-section size, not seeping, random length cutting, easy to install and service life reaching as long as 15 to 20 years. It can be widely applied in natural lighting in animal or plant greenhouse, the roof of industrial workshop and civil construction, wall surface natural lighting, cover plate and base plate of solar water heater as well as other places which require natural lighting and long- term service.

When there is shortage of power and renewable energy in some places, solar energy is an apt advanced technology that produces renewable energy. Solar Street Lights function with the help of Solar Energy. They get charged during the day when the sun is out working and photocells or timers help them to identify dusk and get switched on from dusk till dawn. They are well exposed on roads to the sun and so receiving solar energy is quite easy.

Some people have a wrong notion to believe that solar energy is only accessible by solar street lights. There exists a notion that only governments can afford to buy solar street lamps. This is far from the truth as they are relatively inexpensive. Almost with little to no maintenance cost, the running cost is also nil. Compared to other lights, they save power to a large extent which finally shows up in your annual electricity bill.